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Welcome to the Connect Space Blog!

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Excitting News!  

We've just launched our new iOS event planning app.  Put all your team tasks, chats, registrations, check-ins, attendee ...

Top 20 "Theater" Terms #eventprofs, conference and exhibit teams should know and understand

They say all the world’s a stage. If you run events or exhibits, you know the feeling. How do you put on a “show” that makes attendees feel the ...

Single Registration Now Streamlined!


Event and Exhibit Surveys-- Simply ask two questions.

Every Attendee loves a survey--Not.

Every event marketing professional knows post-event attendee surveys are an important element of the event ...

New updates with Stripe Connect

What’s going on?

Using stripe with MB will improve your events expedite your cash flow, only takes 5 mins to set up.

New Years Resolutions for Event Professionals.

Event Professionals:  Now that college football is nearly done (we’re in Big Ten Country, so congrats to Michigan, OSU and Wisconsin and ...